Temporary Autonomous Museum: Artists Go Lightly: The inaugural project for this "floating museum," another collaborative endeavor of which I am Co-Director, was called Artists Go Lightly. It feature the work of over 80 San Francisco Bay Area artists and was held for one day in a contested real estate zone (landlord-tenant), and was the most successful fundraiser for San Francisco Tenants Union in its hstory, July 2007.

Local Positioning Systems: This collaborative project with The San Francisco Bureau of Urban secrests reivested Lombard Street with an element of preciousness in the form of tiny, hand-rendered Buddhist monks and Catholic nuns, which were planted at dawn on Palm Sunday, 2004, and left as gifts for passersby. The Documentation was part of the Topologies exhibit at Walter and McBean Galleries, 2004.
Death in the Park: This gifting project/urban installation project was created in collaboration with three other artists. For my part, hand-painted blocks relating to the dead who were buried around the Dolores Park in a century past were left as gifts for passersby on Halloween weekend, 2005. The results of all the projects were shown at Lisa Dent Gallery in an exhibit called The Excitable Gift, 2006.
Block Paintings: These two projects further investigate the spacializing and dimensionality of figurative images. I think of them as "broken up" paintings, or picture books that fell apart. The narrative is therefore distributed in unusual and continually changeable ways according to the placement of the blocks, 2003-2005.

Egression: This installation relates to my interest in how drawn images make their way through space. 25 sheets of paper in 3 colors which were tacked onto a painted yellow wall. This piece appeared in both horizontal and vertical forms, allowing the "narrative" to play out in different ways. The figures appear to be walking into the depths of the wall, 2003.