Pinned and Wriggling on the Wall
College of the Atlantic, January 2011


The Wedding of Freddie Mercury and Gertrude Stein, mixed media and vinyl adhesive on paper, 38 x 76," 2010


"Robin Ward practices a profound form of art‐making that interrogates the interstices of social, aesthetic, and philosophical theories in a way that is authentically interdisciplinary – true Queering of the unanswerable Question. Much lip service is paid to cross‐disciplinary pursuits (and public tolerance for same-sex couples) these days ‐ Ward’s work is a meticulously wrought and thoroughly engaged enquiry into what it is to be Queer; it is as close to a comedic form of commentary in the spirit of Daumier as any contemporary work being produced. The work crosses boundaries of knowledge and experience in a fresh and clever tactical display because the maker becomes the voice of other."

-Catherine Clinger, Alan Stone Endowed Chair (from catalog)

Bar Harbor, Maine 2011



Installation shot, vellum media/landscapes, 2011

Two-sie Twinning I and II, 5 x 7" each, 2010


Gas Mask Fairy, paper installation in landscape (archival digital print), 11.5 x 8," 2009


The Elephants in the Room(s), found paint box with mixed media, 14 x 14 x 17," 2010